Piano Piano Piano に寄せて

 同時にIAPBT (国際ピアノ製造技師調律師協会) 第21回総会を浜松市で開催するにあたり、世界各国からピアノ調律師はもちろんのこと、製造、販売、付属品、運搬等関連業者、そしてユーザー、全てのピアノを愛する人々を歓迎し、「ユネスコ音楽都市はままつ」の地元の皆さまと共に、ピアノの素晴らしさを共に分かち合いたいと思います。

齊田 健

Preparing for “Piano, Piano, Piano”

More than 300 years have passed since the invention of the piano, and it stands unshaken as “the king of musical instruments.”
While it cannot be adequately expressed in this small space, the piano swept west across the world from its origin in Italy, always bringing joy and variety to people’s lives.
It is my hope to provide a place for people to experience the charm of this instrument, including many great manufacturers, performers, listeners, and we the technicians who work between them, while always keeping in mind the piano master craftsmen of old.
Simultaneously, as we prepare to hold the 21st Conference of the IAPBT (International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians) in Hamamatsu, I hope to welcome to not only the piano technicians who have assembled here from around the world, but everyone else who loves pianos, including people involved in manufacturing, sales, accessories, and transportation, and users, so that we can all share the splendor of pianos together with the residents of Hamamatsu, UNESCO City of Music.
It is with a humble heart that ask for your approval, as well as the participation and support of as many of you as possible.

Takeshi Saida
Chairman of the Japan Piano Technicians Association
Chairman of the International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians